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Poor Credit Car Lease

£330(+ VAT)


6 months 1 x £660 (+VAT)
12K 5 x £330 + (VAT)
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£390(+ VAT)


6 Months 1 x £780 (+VAT)
10K 5 x £390 (+VAT)
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12 Month Car Rental

£1395(+ VAT)


6 - 12 months variable
variable miles variable
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Why Choose us?

At EM Lease we specialize in 6 month short term car leasing as well as 12 month long term car and van rental. We are focused on providing brand new cars on a 12 month short term lease basis to professionals and businesses (including start ups). At EM Lease your credit worthiness is based on our internal scoring system that only focuses on your present circumstances and your projected future as opposed to the standard credit scoring criteria that focuses on your history. As a supplier of only brand new vehicles our customers don’t have to worry about any of the maintenance issues associated with used cars such as MOT, Tax and Servicing thus saving you money every step of the way. Our short term leasing products truly are a more convenient, flexible and practical solution to your motoring requirements.

Our Flexible Term Lengths

  • Long Term Car Hire & Rental:

    We offer long term car hire & rental to both businesses and individuals for anything from 1 month to 6 months on a monthly rolling contract. 

  • Short Term Car Lease

    Our short term car lease deals offer great flexibility both in regards to choice of vehicle, mileage allowance and choice in contract length 6 Month & 12 Month Car Lease

    Our 6 month and 12 month short term car lease deals are great for the customer that knows exactly how long they need a vehicle for, be it to cover a retention period, the duration of a work contract or as an interim vehicle we are more than able to help. 

  • 6 Month & 12 Month Car Rental

    We offer 6 month and 12 month car rental to businesses and professionals that need a flexible long & short term solution to their vehicle needs

Please call or email to find out more. 

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