Bad Credit Car Lease

At EM Lease we cater for both customers and business with bad credit. With all our customers whether they be private or business, new or old, we apply the same test – the affordability test. If a customer passes the affordability test and can prove that they can afford a vehicle, we will give them a vehicle. That is why we are able to offer Bad Credit Car Lease. We acknowledge that each and every customer is different and so we judge each and every case on its own individual merits. Our Poor Credit Car Lease works for you even if you have been denied Bad Credit Car Finance in the past. Unlike other vehicle finance and leasing companies that offer Bad Credit Car Finance and Bad Credit Car Lease, we do not penalise you for having Bad or Adverse Credit that is why our Poor Credit Lease options do not come with a premium or with any restrictions.Enquire now and find out how our Bad Credit Car Lease and Bad Credit Car Finance products could get you into a new car sooner, cheaper and easier than you thought.

Poor Credit Car Lease Solutions

If you’ve got bad credit, car lease can be difficult to obtain. Trying to lease a car when your financial footprint isn’t good often feels like a thankless task; and the majority of companies are unlikely to let you use their services. That’s where we come in. We specialise in poor credit car lease services; so even if your credit history is in bad shape, you can be confident when you come to EM Lease that you’ll find a vehicle to suit your requirements.

What is Bad Credit? How Does it Affect You?

Your credit history provides a detailed record of everything you’ve borrowed in the past. You’ll be given a rating; based on your historic bank balances, payment history and a number of other contributing factors. Regrettably, it’s all too easy to get a poor credit rating; even if you’re relatively careful with your borrowing. The result? You could find it difficult to lease a vehicle; which can cause you significant problems, particularly if you rely on a car for work purposes, or to transport the family on a daily basis. That’s where we come in. EM Lease specialise in bad credit car lease solutions; and we’ll make sure that you’re not left without the vehicle you rely on