Poor Credit Car Lease

How do you know if you are getting a good deal on a long term car rental or a poor credit car lease, if renting is not an option? Do you know what questions to ask a UK salesman before you drive a rental off the lot? Do you know what may cost extra and isn’t included in your car lease? Both questions need answers before you trust any car rental is a good price, even with VAT payment, or monthly lease rate won’t create a hardship on you financially.

Here are some of the best tips to consider before renting long term or leasing.

Checking to make sure the car is in “acceptable” condition before returning it. It may not be so important if you are renting for more than a year, but it is important if you are doing a short-term lease or poor credit car lease. However, some rental and leasing companies charge additional fees if the petrol in the tank is not at the same level it was when the car was leased or rented.

Should you opt for gap insurance? It may depend on if you do have an insurance company that will cover costs if you are in an accident with a leased car or rented vehicle. Some insurance companies do not cover vehicles that are rented or leased. Insurance companies may require customers to purchase separate plans that are not included in a typical insurance plan, for an extra cost. Don’t take a change your insurance’s “full coverage” plan covers long term car rental agreements, too.

Don’t pre-pay for extras you won’t use. Unless you are certain you may forget to put the petrol in the car or you may have an appointment where the option for refuelling is handy, you may be wasting money for a service you won’t use with your poor credit car lease.

Does the company providing the long term car rental have a “loss of use” clause? Some companies have a clause in the agreement that says customers may pay a certain amount over the initial long term car rental price per month if the car is lost due to an accident.

Is there an option of getting a discount on a poor credit car lease if you meet certain conditions? Some companies may offer this option to those who are leasing for the first time. Check to see if you can receive special pricing before you sign any lease or long term car rental agreement.

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