12 Month Car Rental

Whether you need a 6 month car rental or a 12 month car rental, it may be tough to decide whether to rent on your business account or a personal account. What is the difference between getting a short term car rental as a business or as an individual? Does it matter which a renter does, since they still both are considered company cars?

Some people needing a short term car lease may not realise there is a difference between the two types of rentals and contracts may vary. Did you know if a car is rented on a personal account, a renter may be paying less for a car rental? However, there may be a stipulation that the rental car not be drive over a certain mileage. On a six month car rental for a business, the number of miles may be increased so that the rental agreement matches a business owner’s needs.

More payments upfront, higher VAT Fee

It may be hard to decide if a vehicle should be on a six month car rental for your business or a personal rental. Keep in mind a car rental gotten because of a business may cost more initially than getting a personal car rental for a year. VAT pricing is typically going to be higher for businesses than it is for individuals.

Businesses that need a six month car rental or a 12 month car rental may have a rental agreement that allows them to travel 24,000 miles or more, depending on the terms of a rental agreement. Personal six month car rental may limit drivers on the amount of miles they can drive and that limit may be less what business rental customers are allowed.  If renting for a business, customers may also be allowed multiple drivers on their 6 month car rental or 12 month car rental, depending on the rental agreement. A personal short term car rental or short term car lease may allow for one driver, however, car rental companies may charge an additional fee for this option.

Will you be able to recover some of the VAT payment if you do get a short term car lease? This may depend on your lease agreement and if you are leasing a personal or business car. Is size important to you with a car rental? Isn’t it nice to know there is a car rental company that offers a wide selection of vehicles to choose from? If you don’t have a vehicle yet, it is best to find a company in the UK that can lease one to you quickly.

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