The Scheme

We have designed a short term lease scheme for Start-up businesses, Small businesses and Medium size businesses alike.

  • We recognise that as a start-up or small business, obtaining vehicles on lease can be incredibly hard yet you may desperately need the vehicles to kick-start or take your business to that next level.
  • Our internal scoring system works in your advantage, we only consider your potential as opposed to your historical past (which in most cases for start-up and small businesses is either non existent or weak).
  • As a business we recognise your need to have vehicles that portray the right image.
  • We recognise you don’t want to waste time dealing with problems otherwise associated with used cars.
  • That is why our scheme delivers a tailored solution for YOU, one that allows you to focus on developing and growing your business as opposed to endlessly worrying about your vehicles.

The Benefits

  • Free up your cashflow, take money out of car purchases and put money into the business.
  • Cars are a depreciating asset, avoid locking your money into a depreciating asset.
  • You are not locked in to long term financial agreements at a time when you are not sure what the future holds for your business.
  • You give your company the right image by driving a brand new car every 6 or 12 months.
  • No MOT, servicing, repair or tyre costs.
  • Mileage allowance of up to 24,000 miles per annum compared with the traditional 10,000 miles per annum allowance common with traditional leasing.
  • The above benefits help you save money each and every month.


Call us to discuss how the scheme could benefit you.