12 Month Car Rental

Are you planning to get a 12 month car rental or less? Should you consider a bad credit car lease instead if you do not have good credit? Is there a difference between the two or difference between a short rental of 12 month car rental and a long term car rental, is there a difference? What do you need to know about renting and leasing?

Some people do not realise a bad credit car lease is not the same as 12 month car rental or even a long term car rental. A rental is a rental; it is still owned by a company and must be returned. A bad credit car lease; however, means you are buying a car – one month at a time. There are stipulations between the two.

Why it pays to keep it short with 12 month car rental

You may not need a long term car rental and it does not benefit you to keep a car any longer than you need, as you do have to pay interest for borrowing a vehicle. When renting, a compact car will be harder to rent than a family car and some rental companies may give better rental rates on larger vehicles. This encourages customers to rent.

Since renting is not an investment per se, it is better not to have to pay for the vehicle longer than you need it. Shorter rentals, such as a 12 month car rental, may be ideal for stationed military personnel. However, if a family thinks they may be deployed longer, a long term car rental may better fit their needs. It may be best to get a rental that is longer than a 12 month car rental? When getting a long term car rental, read the car agreement before signing paperwork for any long term car rental.

Isn’t a bad term car lease the same as a rental?

Rentals and leases are two separate processes. In order to get a lease, you are applying for a car loan essentially. This is why car dealerships will check FICO scores and lease a vehicle based on that score. This is why you may not get the best deal with a bad credit car lease. However, you may be able to negotiate a better deal through a private dealer and be able to lease the vehicle.

Some companies who provide a bad credit car lease may make people leasing get a consigner. Is a bad credit car lease a good option for you? A bad credit car lease can be a way to repair bad credit. However, those who get vehicles must make their leased car payments on time. If you must go to a car dealership to get a car lease, do not go during prime hours and do not take the first deal offered when negotiating a bad credit car lease.

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