Long Term Car Hire 

Why are customers confused when it comes to leasing or getting a long term car hire?  Customers may think a long term car rental is similar to a lease because they do not understand the differences between the two contracts and how this will impact them if they need bad credit car finance in order to make that car ownership a reality.  Did you know that while credit checks may be more common with short term leases, they may not be needed for a longer period with a car rental? This allows people who do have bad credit to get the car of their dreams.

While short term leases may be for a shorter period of time, they usually require the person leasing to agree to upkeep the vehicle in a certain condition and pay additional fees if this agreement is not kept. Should you lease or rent? This may depend on your credit rating. If you have better credit, it may be possible to get an affordable lease for several months cheaper than you can rent a car.

Watch out for the longer Mileage

Whether you sign for a long term car hire or a short term car lease, you are still bound by the agreement to stay within a certain amount of miles.  If you do not plan to drive the vehicle very much, it may be better to lease and simply return the vehicle to the leasing company when finished. Some leases stipulate that customers drive cars no more than a certain mileage. However, if you are looking to own a vehicle, some companies will let individuals rent first. Does your contract let you own a car after renting it long term? This depends on the online company offering the rental agreements. Read your contract carefully. It isn’t just the extra fees you will avoid paying. You may be avoiding heartbreak, when you have to return a rented vehicle without an option to buy it outright.

Should you rent if you will be having higher lease payments with a shorter lease? This may be a concern with families who need a vehicle and do not want to be hampered by bad credit car finance. Having bad credit might jeopardise the opportunity to lease a car instead of rent.  Need a vehicle and do not like the responsibility of owning one? This makes leasing or renting a good option for families or couples that simply want to have a dealership service their car, without having to pay for repairs themselves, beyond normal wear and tear. Did you know that a leased vehicle used for business purposes may help families?  Families may be able to claim a tax break and this may also save a family some money. Families that are concerned with higher monthly payments for a lease may consider a lower rental payment.  Lower payments spread out over a longer time period may be cheaper for some families.

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