6 Month Car Rental

Do you have a tight budget? This may be important information to keep in mind before you decide to get a car rental or agree to any financing contract because you have bad credit. Will you be charged for breaking a car rental agreement early and returning the vehicle ahead of schedule? This is something you need to ask before signing any car rental agreement or signing a financing agreement, especially if you have bad credit.

Will having bad credit hurt your ability to finance? It might not in many situations. This allows customers who may have had past credit problems to be able to get that car that they have been wanting or that they need.

Are long miles doable in a 6 month car rental?

Some companies that provide car rentals may limit the number of miles that a customer may travel in a single year to 10,000. If they go over the mileage, they may have to pay a set fine. However, this may be up to each individual car rental company on how they want to handle a customer’s ability to drive longer miles. Are you not planning to drive very far, a six month car rental may make sense then.

Is your car rental insured while you are driving it? Most Car rental companies will insist that customers carry insurance on the six month car rental through the company’s insurer. This means that if the driver has any accidents, they are covered under the company’s insurance.

Is it better to get a bad credit finance over Renting?

To better answer this question, customers may want to examine their credit history closely and determine if they have a good credit score. It may make better sense to rent if you do not plan to have a vehicle longer than six months, are not driving far while renting and you do have good credit. However, a bad credit car finance may be a better option if you do have a bad credit rating and you cannot get a very good rate renting. With a bad credit financing plan, this allows people to be able to have vehicles where they might not otherwise be able to afford the monthly payments. It may also mean that those financing may not have to worry about taking care of a car’s maintenance bill.

Is the maintenance covered by bad credit financing? This may depend on the deal that has been discussed with the car company. It does mean, however, that you cannot be denied financing just because you have less than perfect credit. This also may allow customers to pay a lower bill than those customers that are renting a vehicle by the month. This may explain why financing may be more popular among minimum wage employees and those whose credit has taken some hits and they are simply trying to get a bad credit car finance without any more complications.

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