12 Month Car Rental

For UK residents who don’t have cash on hand or prefer having the option of having some flexibility when it comes to car choices, a 12 month or six month car lease may be a better option. Those who lease then have a car and they do not have to worry about a short term leased car or six month car rental losing its value. For families that do not want to worry about an older car leaking oil, a 12 month car lease or six month car lease is smart. With a shorter car lease, customers do not have to consider long term maintenance or think about the problems that are associated with car ownership.
Wouldn’t the VAT price put a car lease or short term rental out of reach? VAT prices may raise the overall price of the six month car rental or car lease. However, overall, a short term car lease may trump the costs to buy the vehicle. It also means no one has to worry about depreciation with the shorter car leases.
Leasing or Buying: Here is what you need to Know
Through monthly payments with a six month car rental or six month car lease is hire, customers do not have to worry their vehicle’s value will depreciate considerable and mean customers pay more to own than lease the vehicle. When weighing to lease or buy, compare the mileage you think you will drive within the lease period. If you go over the mileage stipulated in a 12 month car lease agreement, you may have to pay additional fees. Though buying a vehicle, you do not have to worry about the mileage costs; you still are responsible for the maintenance no matter how much you drive.
It may be cheaper in the long run to make the monthly car rental payment and simply lease instead of buy. Leasing also allows customers the freedom to change vehicles after the end of their six month car lease. With a car you buy, you may not have the freedom to sell and buy another vehicle you like better without losing some on the car’s value. Getting leased vehicles allow you the comfort of not having to worry a vehicle losing value the longer you own it.
Have you ever consider having a six month or 12 month car lease? Wouldn’t it be nice to have a 12 month car rental that is new and you do not have to worry if your leased vehicle does need a repair? At EMLease, we believe that our customers, whether businesses or individuals, need flexible, hassle-free solutions to their vehicle needs and this is what we offer. We offer short-term leasing contracts that are: Flexible, short-term, affordable, practical, fully maintained, and simple. We offer new vehicles which come fully maintained, so you do not have any hassle. Our vehicles are also competitively priced within the market.

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