12 Month Car Lease

Business owners and individuals needing short term car leases don’t want to pay more because of bad credit. What types of things should be kept in mind before applying for a bad credit car finance or 12 month car lease. What is most important to the businessman or person wanting the lease? Is the goal to find the cheapest car on a short term car lease? Is it important to have lower CO2 emissions with the vehicle being leased?

 Cars or vehicles with lower CO2 emissions will run better because they will optimise the petrol they use. They offer better fuel efficiency. However, they also are not as expensive because they usually are smaller vehicles, such as hatchbacks and diesels. They get more miles per gallon, so it allows smaller business owners and individuals to keep money in their pocket. Saving on petrol may aid in the decision of which model you drive, especially if you must have bad credit car finance.

 Is the colour of a leased car Important?

 Did you know that the colour that chosen with a 12 month car lease may say something about the lease’s personality? One UK website says that people who choose silver cars tend to be mature drives and statistically, silver cars are less likely to get into an accident. They also use less petrol. Why consider colour psychology why getting a short term car lease? It may help in attracting business clients and help individuals sent positive messages to others.

 For instance, leasing a blue car can send the message that a driver is happy and confident. They also may be more likely to let another driver pass when at a road junction. A white vehicle may be the new black for many drivers who have a short-term car lease. The colour white is considered both modern and tasteful. It’s a popular colour for new cars and since drivers like to have the latest products, it makes sense. Did you know manufacturers around the world produce roughly 14 different shades of “white.” It is also most likely to be the colour of a family car. Given 42 percent of people chose white or silver in 2012, it is no wonder why these two colours remain popular with customers needing bad credit car finance. Both colours allow car or vans to be seen clearly on the road.

 Why those in the UK chose black over White

 Black and silver are more popular here in the UK than white. Since many business clientele consider black as a symbol of holding power or being powerful, it is not surprising. However, colour preferences may change with location. For instance, in Asia, tan and gold are popular, but not green. Only 7 percent of the cars in Asia are blue cars.

 Business clients may want to consider black. This colour is seen a car being driven by someone who holds power and this is why a number of executive cars available for leasing are black. However, no matter what colour is chosen, the important thing is to love the leased vehicle.

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