Poor Credit Car Lease

 If you get a small dent on a leased car, what is considered “damage?” If you have a short or long-term car lease, what types of things will a lease company possibly charge you extra for? Many people may not know how big of a dent they can have in a door panel before getting charged more.

All you need to know about sun damage, dents, scratches and cracked windshields

Did you know scratches can be caused by the simplest things? For example, it is easy to place items in a bag on top of the car. But, it may be best to avoid this practice because it can cause scratches. With a leased vehicle, you have to consider dangers that may be lurking where you park your car. Is a curb too high? A low bumper and high curb can mean paint scraped off a bumper and scratches that could mean additional lease agreement charges. If scratches can be covered with a credit card, you might not be charged for them.

Prevention is far better if you are leasing. Move those rakes and other items that may fall on your car away from the parking spot. Avoid parking spots where you may be too close another car. What happens when another driver leaves a dent on your vehicle? How big is too big to be charged more and not escape detection? Some businesses that lease vehicles specify not more than 10 mm in their agreements. The more dents are seen, the more a leasing company may charge more for excessive damage. If damage to any leased vehicle is very noticeable (such as a cracked windshield or a chipped windshield), it is best to get the damage repaired before trying to turn back in a car that has served as a short-term or long-term car lease.

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