6 Month Car Rental

Before leasing or getting a 6 month car rental, a would-be car owner must weigh out their options. Is it better to secure a long term car hire than it is to pick up that option to buy a car at the end of a lease period? What should you know if you have poor credit and you want to lease a vehicle? Did you know that a leasing company may look more favourably on a would-be leaser if they have a good debt to income ratio, even if they do have a few blemishes on their record?

While you may pay more with a shorter term car rental, it may have advantages over a longer term vehicle hire. For example, you may be able to take advantage of a manufacturer’s warranty with a 6 month car rental that is not available on a longer term car rental. Usually too, payments are less if you lease than if you are trying to buy a car. While it is true some lease companies may require drivers to pay higher monthly payments if they have poor credit, it may be better than not the alternative of not even trying to buy a car because you think you will be rejected. One thing people with poor credit needing a car lease may not consider is that a short term lease may be better than a long term car hire. Some vehicles tend to depreciate faster than others. By having short term car lease, you may save yourself more money than if you made the mistake of buying through a lease to own plan with a poor credit car lease.

Holding you Responsible

Leasing can be a better deal because you still have the responsibility of making the payments, but you are at least able to pay for a car in instalments. Do you have a bankruptcy on your record? Leasing a vehicle can be a good sign to help you rebuild your revolving credit and in the future get better deals on rates for getting a home mortgage or a home loan.

While it is true that is your best interest to keep maintaining a long term car hire, you may also want to choose a longer car hire over a shorter term 6 month car rental because monthly payments may not be as much. By leasing a car, it can help you receive lower interest payments over time, better your credit rating, and still provide you with a vehicle to get to and from work and to your child’s school. This is why leasing, especially you cannot own the vehicle at the end of a lease agreement, may be better for some families. Are you dealing with an open-ended or closed lease? Before leasing a vehicle, it is important to determine which type of lease you are agreeing to as a customer and what the stipulations are. This way, you can lease a vehicle without any surprises, even if you must apply for a poor credit car lease.

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